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Not all guest post pitches get accepted. In fact, the majority don’t do. Even if you are a great writer or have an established site, your guest post pitches can still get denied. Therefore, before you look for guest post writing tips, it’s imperative you nail the “pitch” part first. Without a go-ahead for your pitch, who will you be guest-posting for after all.

Go in With the Right Mindset

The right mindset is about knowing why you are pitching for a guest post. Is it to enter a new niche? Or to drive more traffic to your website? Irrespective of what the reason is, make sure your efforts are fully focused on achieving that goal. The key is to stay strategic. Unless you’re doing things for fun, every guest blog post you draft must have a business purpose.

Look for the Right Websites

The next step is to ascertain which websites to pitch to. If you are a freelance writer seeking a break in a fresh niche – for instance, consumer technology – your search obviously should be catered toward finding the ideal guest blogging opportunities in the consumer technology niche.

Once you have found the right websites, you should find out whether the sites are accepting guest posts, posting there would help you hit your business objectives, and you can provide the audience there (which is also your target audience incidentally) something spectacular.

Most websites that accept guest posts would have a dedicated guest blogging guideline page where it would be clearly mentioned whether the site is open to new guest posts. The guidelines page would also help you understand whether you could offer the site something of good value.

Choose the Right Topic

The topic(s) you pitch should relate to the target audience of the site. In other words, if you are going to pitch to a marketing blog, you should write something that marketers can relate to. Often, it’s wise to pitch two to three topics. However, if you are extremely confident about a certain topic, then you may pitch just that topic. Kindly note when you give the editor a few unique topics along with a short summary of each, more than one topic could get selected.

Nail It with Your Pitch

When drafting the pitch email, there are certain things you must keep in mind.

Personalization is vital, and it should be more than just including the name of the editor. Throwing in a few lines about things you liked about their site would help. Your thoughts about the site should not come across as flattery, but let the editor know that you’ve done your research.

Most importantly, do not state how your guest post would help your site and your business. Instead, communicate why your post would click with the site’s audience and how will it help drive traffic, increase social media engagement, etc. Most importantly, keep things brief. Let your pitch not be the length of your actual article or anywhere even close to it.

Don’t talk about how your post would be “well-written” and “researched”. Just provide brief background information about yourself (which includes links to your website/portfolio/samples) and what qualifies you for the guest post. Send the email message from your business email address (if you have one) to make things look professional.

Follow Up

The editor may not respond to your pitch email as you would have liked. However, contrary to what you might believe, no response doesn’t always imply that the editor didn’t like your pitch. Chances are the editor was on a sick leave and did not read your pitch in the first place. Therefore, if you do not hear anything from the editor, do not assume things – just follow up. Do so if you truly believe your pitch was solid and you had put in good amount of research into it.

Start Writing Your Blog Post

When you get the green light to write, keep few things in mind before you actually get down to writing. Let your unique voice come through, but also ensure you stick to the site’s writing guidelines. If your writing style is extremely casual and relaxed but the site you’re writing for publishes more professional and polished content, incorporate that style into your writing. Also, stick to other writing guidelines (if any) relating to formatting, grammar style (AP), document types accepted for submission, etc.

If you pay attention to all things mentioned above, you’re most likely to come up with a piece that will blow the site’s editor and their audience.