Doggy BnB Review

Dog-sitting services are similar to having Airbnb for dogs, which provides them with the attention and freedom they deserve and the luxury of a home stay. This type of service is especially ideal while you are away on vacation or when you are working for extended hours and do not have time to take your dog out when that time comes around. This is a much better alternative to subjecting your pet to roughing it in a cage or a crowded kennel.

Doggy BnB is basically a very active online community that offers pet parents access to thousands of animal lovers who are willing and ready to provide pet sitting services nationwide. These individuals are commonly referred to as ‘hosts’ and they provide a range of pet care services, which include pet grooming, boarding, transportation and walking.

The profile pages of the majority of Doggy BnB hosts have summaries of the services they provide, their years of experience in pet sitting and see pictures of themselves, their former animal tenants and their living quarters. You will also be able to find out whether they are pet owners and if they have undergone any training courses. Best of all, you will be able to read reviews from previous clients to see who would be an ideal match for you and your furry friend.

Pet owners have the option of booking pet sitters services via an online portal or by talking to a representative on the telephone. Every booked service is available with pet insurance and 24-hour support. Doggy BnB is a former competitor of, which acquired Doggy BnB in March 2017. The websites currently function as separate consumer facing brands that are operated by the same company.

How it Works

• By typing in your zip code, you will be able to locate a PAWesome sitter close by.
• After narrowing down your choices, set up a meet and greet with the potential hosts. When you find one that is ideal for you and your dog, book your pet’s vacay by paying online or via the phone.
• You are now ready to travel or work for extended hours, knowing your dog is having a great time getting one-on-one attention in a loving environment.
• Your host will send you picture updates, known as “pup”dates, highlighting how your pet is faring. As such, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and covered by round-the-clock customer care and free pet insurance.

Features of a Good Dog Sitting Service

Doggy BnB offers the following to individuals who use their services:

• Flexibility

You will never be restricted by the hours in which a boarding center is open.

• Convenience

There are a number of sitters who offer to come and get your dog and also make the drop off for even more added convenience. In addition, it is very likely that you will find a pet sitter in your own neighborhood. This is especially remarkable if a previous arrangement fell through and you need to find sitters while you are traveling.

• One-on-one Attention

There is nothing that beats knowing your cherished animal is in a loving and happy environment with a caring individual. Best of all, this individual will provide your pet with the freedom to roam around and copious amounts of love.

• Personalized Service

In addition to lots of walks and more attention, the pet sitter will provide services like playing with your pet, ensuring that your dog is fed and administering medications, if necessary.

• Peace of Mind

As previously mentioned, DogVay has insurance that will provide coverage for theft or some damages, if the pet sitter is found guilty of the act.

• Consistency and Familiarity

If you find a pet sitter you like, trust can be built with him or her and you will have a consistent sitter in your home or a home away from home for your dog.

The Pet Sitter You Choose Should Be Insured and Bonded

Doggy BnB is insured and bonded but what does this mean?


If the pet sitter you choose has insurance, your property will be safeguarded against any damage that is caused by the sitter while he or she is in your home. There are even cases where the coverage extends to things stolen from your home during pet sitting. Therefore, you should ensure the pet sitter you choose has insurance before you contract him or her.


Pet sitter bonding safeguards the dog sitting company against theft carried out by employees. For example, if an item goes missing during the time a pet sitter was in your home and he or she is accused of possible theft, if the police becomes involved and the sitter is convicted, the company will cover the bond. The culpable sitter would then be accountable for repaying the bond to the company.

Importance of Pet Health Insurance

If your dog was injured during the doggie vacay and you do not have pet health insurance, you will find through Doggy BnB review that the company provides coverage for injuries, illnesses and accidents that take place during the pet sitter stay. Doggy BnB is available with a guarantee that serves as an added protective layer for when insurance is unavailable or when the party responsible is unwilling or unable to pay for costs resulting from injury or damage attributed to his or her negligence.

Doggy BnB provides pet owners who are seeking pet sitting services with a very useful gateway that connects them to thousands of pet sitters all across the nation. They encourage pet parents to set up a meet and greet with sitters to figure out whether they are actually content with the arrangement. As standard, booking a Doggy BnB includes pet insurance; however, this is available exclusively via their concierge services or through online booking. In addition to pet sitting, Doggy BnB offers dog walking, dog boarding and daycare. Essentially, Doggy BnB provides a number of opportunities for individuals who are looking for compassionate animal lovers to take care of their pets.

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