Top 10 Best Pitbull Dog Collars for 2023 Reviews

The aggressiveness that is associated with pitbulls is up for debate — nevertheless, the truth is that pitbull’s are descendants of bulldogs and terriers, which are known to be friendly but have a stubborn nature. Bulldogs were initially bred for the sport of bull-baiting, with the dog being able to grab the nose of a bull and pinning it to the ground being declared the victor. Terriers were bred to do quick work of vermin. The history of the pitbull is one of strength, vigor, and vitality. So regardless of the popular or unpopular thoughts of the dog’s temperament, a dog that isn’t properly socialized will exhibit behavior that we can deem as “aggressive.”

Dog collars can be used as training tools. They can help prevent pulling, and make it easier to control the dog. From functionality to aesthetics, here are the top pitbull-friendly collars.

1. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

The OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar is essential for any large dog, especially robust dogs like the pitbull. This collar is designed with a soft cushion pad for comfort and to prevent skin irritations that tend to happen with other types of dog collars. Larger dogs tend to pull on the leash and it is very easy for them to have irritated skin with an improper collar. With the OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar, you can attach your dog leash and prevent the dog from chasing animals or people on the neighborhood. It will keep you, your dog, and your neighbors safe. In the unfortunate case that your dog runs away from you, the large and robust OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar will signal to passerby’s that the dog has an owner, with the attached tags helping them identify their owner.

  • Robust enough for even the largest dogs. They are tough while still comfortable for the dog.
  • Minimalist design. Since there isn’t a lot going on with the actual collar, it’s comfortable for the dog to lay down. Their collar won’t snag on carpeting or apply pressure onto their sensitive necks when lying down.
  • More reliable than a fast snap buckle, with a wide enough neck to spread pressure.

  • Some buyers are noting that the gray color might take a bit longer to arrive compared to the other colors.

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2. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

Black Rhino - The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

The Black Rhino has several sizes running from small to extra-large. They are designed with a neoprene padding, for maximum comfort. They will help protect your dog’s neck from inflammation, which is usually a problem with dogs with short coats like pitbulls. While soft, they are still very much heavy-duty, with the Black Rhino comfort collar maintaining a lightweight design built specifically with heavy-duty hardware. It’s also weatherproof — you will find that the collar will survive many winters and many summers without any sort of deterioration of its performance.

  • They are robust, even surviving the occasional chew. No longer does your pitbull need a heavy metal chain that retains heat and can cause damage to the neck. The Black Rhino is strong yet lightweight enough that it won’t chafe at the skin.
  • Uses a buckle and not a quick release. This ensures that the collar stays on, outsmarting even the most dexterous dogs.
  • No worries about a bolting or running dog. Most dog collars are adequate — but only for a short term. A dog that bolts and keeps pulling will eventually tear the collar part. But the Black Rhino is so well known for its durability, ensuring that it will survive many pulls.

  • It is known that the grommets will fall off eventually.
  • It may be too bulky for larger dogs with frail necks.
  • If your dog is a robust puller, then the D-ring may eventually separate from the collar.

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3. Bully’s Pitbull Collar

Bully's Pitbull Collar

Bully’s Pitbull Collar is a heavy-duty nylon dog collar that was made for pitbulls. They are tough and wide to comfortably fit the thick necks of the pitbull breed. They have a tactile grade material that is tough but also lightweight so it will not bog your dog’s neck or make them feel uncomfortable while wearing them. The stainless steel hardware will not rust or tarnish over time, with many dog owners passing down the Bully’s Pitbull Collar to future generations due to their durability. They’re washable and adjustable for growing dogs.

  • It’s wide enough to fit pitbulls. A lot of dog collars are simply too small enough for the thick necks of such a robust breed.
  • The reflective strip allows the dog to still be visible in low light situations.
  • Washable. It’s made out of nylon — it can be cleaned with a bit of water and detergent.

  • There might be issues with quality control, with some of the colors having small metal shards sticking out of it that may cut a person.
  • The Bully’s Pitbull Collar can run a bit small.

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4. Heavy Duty Choke Cuban Chain Dog Collar for Large Dogs

Heavy Duty Choke Cuban Chain Dog Collar for Large Dogs

This is one of the more unique collars, with the Cuban chain being particularly strong. The collar is resistant to chewing, with the fully welded, strong Cuban links being laboratory tested to hold hundreds of pounds, making it the ideal collar for large dogs that like to pull. The chain links are smooth and hypoallergenic — you do not need to worry about the collar pulling on your dog’s skin or fur. The heavy-duty choke Cuban chain dog collar is sturdy and will last for several years. While an investment, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you do not need to buy subsequent collars.

  • No for damage or irritation
  • It’s a unique chain-link, different than other pitbull collars.
  • Designed for dogs with larger necks like you the pitbull.

  • The minimalist design may not be ideal for those who want to use double leashes.
  • May not be ideal for a training session.

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5. American Flag Dog Collar in 5 Different Sizes

American Flag Dog Collar in 5 Different Sizes

The American Flag Dog Collar is the perfect accessory for patriotic dog owners. Made out of polyester, the dark color is lightweight and designed with a quick-release buckle for easy on and off. You have access to five sizes — from extra small to extra-large. It’s like the fourth of July on your dog’s neck, with the American Flag Dog Collar coming from a family-owned, American company. While they are designed to fit almost any breed, the American Flag Dog Collar is wide enough to fit the thicker necks of the pitbull, making them comfortable during extended wear.

  • High-quality fabric with durable components.
  • Great quality at a good price. Similar collars cost a lot more.
  • The collar grows with your puppy.

  • While it is polyester and lightweight, it tends to be a very slick material.
  • There are reports that some of the collars do not stay at their adjusted size and will get a bit loose on your dog’s neck.

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6. Kruz PET Breathable Mesh Dog Collar

Kruz PET Breathable Mesh Dog Collar

The Kruz PET Breathable Mesh Dog Collar is a popular, mesh fabric collar that is known to be durable but very lightweight. It easily snaps on and off, with a durable side release buckle; with the collar being adjustable for a custom fit. The D-ring allows you to attach identification or a leash.

  • It’s one of the more durable dog collars in the list. Keep in mind that even though it is affordable, it’s craftsmanship isn’t compromised.
  • Mesh fabric has a very high tensile force tolerance. The dog can pull the leash without it being destroyed or becoming loose.
  • Strong mesh fabric will survive the occasional chew.

  • D-ring is very thick, so the clip that will hold your dog’s identification or tags may not fit.
  • Its mesh fabric makes a bit more difficult for it to be washed. Keep this in mind if your dog ever gets into muddy or dirty environments.

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7. Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle

Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle

This collar is perfect for pitbulls — it is robust and has a handle that allows you to take control of the dog and the situation. It is one of the more tougher dog collars — there’s a metal buckle that is 3 mm thick. While aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the more robust collars. It’s the ideal dog for superior comfort and safety.

  • The dog collar has a handle for tighter control of your dog’s movement when waiting for traffic or in crowded spaces. It’s perfect if you have a nervous dog that requires you to maneuver their body movements for their safety.
  • Reflective pads and a neoprene material with mesh padding allows for superior breathability. Your dog can wear the dog collar while napping or doing vigorous exercise and they will be very comfortable.
  • Highly resistant to puppy chewing.

  • There is a handle that is designed right into the collar. However, after repeated pulls, the handle might warp a little. It is recommended that you use the handle for quick and sturdy movement.
  • The collar might run a bit large.

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8. TIANYAO Big Dog Harness No-Pull Dog Vest Set

TIANYAO Big Dog Harness No-Pull Dog Vest Set

The TIANYAO Big Dog Harness No-Pull is designed just for that — to prevent your dog from pulling. Pitbulls are very large dogs and are strong. If you are not ready, they will be walking you instead of you walking them. You have the option of attaching a leash on its back harness or in the front. When you attach it to the front, whenever the dog pulls it will turn towards you. This does two things — they will face you instead of the animal or person that is distracting them — and it will cause them to change direction due to the momentum of jolting forward. Instead of moving forward they will face you.

  • The Harness is designed for large dogs, fitting retrievers, German shepherds, and yes — pitbulls.
  • No pulling or choking. Ideal for dogs who suffer from a collapsed trachea,
  • It’s easy to put on and remove. There are several quick-release buckles as well as straps for a custom, snug fit.

  • It’s a one-size-fits-all.
  • Some dogs may be a bit fussy the person they wear a body harness.

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9. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather

The Soft Touch Collars is a mix of luxury and functionality. It is one of the only dog collars that will fit a pitbull that is made out of luxury leather. Several features add to its functionality — for example, there is a discrete built-in small ring to attach your dog tags.

  • Beautiful two-tone genuine leather. The Soft Touch Collars is designed with soft inside sheepskin for superior padding. The buckle and the D-ring are made from brass hardware and has been finished to prevent rust or corrosion that can take away from the collars aesthetic.
  • There is a lifetime guarantee. If the caller ever fails due to materials or workmanship, it will be replaced.

  • Minimalist in design.
  • There might not be enough adjustment holes. So this collar is ideal for full-grown dogs and will not accommodate the full life-cycle of the dog.
  • There might be some inconsistencies when it comes to sizing.

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10. Diezel Pet Products Dog Collars K9 Harness

Diezel Pet Products Dog Collars K9 Harness

The Diezel Pet Products Dog Collars are akin to tactile military collars. They are available in several colors from brown to hot pink. They are heavy duty collars with a 2-inch wide buckle for comfort and durability.

  • Fairly adjustable — the holes are exactly one and 1/2 inch apart from each other. It can accommodate growing dogs.
  • The collar is wide and stiff, accommodating larger necks.
  • The Velcro is strong and sturdy and will not release.

  • Metal tines used to go into the holes are made from cheaper metals.
  • Hardware may be deemed flimsy. Does not compromise the performance of the collar.

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Pitbull Dog Collar Selection Tips

1. Nylon Is The Best Material

Collars usually come in a wide variety of materials, but nylon, chain, and leather are by far the most common. If you won’t be using the dog leash for training, you need to select a material that’s comfortable and affordable. All the three materials have their advantages, but puppies are most likely to feel more comfortable when in leather or nylon collar.

2. Make Sure You Choose The Right Collar Width

Collar width is important because it is directly proportional to the surface area of pressure your dog will feel when it is pulling on a leash. Usually, the larger the width, the bigger the surface area will be. With a larger surface area, the pressure becomes more evenly distributed. This means that your dog will be more comfortable when walking. But note that collars that have larger width may also be more uncomfortable when the pup wants to relax.

3. Measure their Neck

Using a soft tape measure, determine your dog’s neck’s circumference in inches. When measuring the length, make sure that the dog is standing up. The collar needs to be snug but certainly not too tight. Once you have got the measurement of your dog’s neck, you will be in a much better position to choose the right collar size.

4. Take Your Dog’s Fur Type Into Consideration

Knowing the fur type of your dog lets you buy the right collar for your puppy. Collars are certain to fit differently for dogs that have thicker fur, more so before and after haircuts. Take the type of fur your dog has into account to allow you to make changes as their coat grows.

5. Avoid Spending Too Much On A Dog Collar

While highly-priced collars are often better in terms of quality, choose a leash that’s cheap taking into account that your puppy will be growing fast. Puppies will most certainly outgrow any collar, even if you were to buy a classy and high-quality harness. There is no point of spending too much on a collar that will be outgrown in just a couple of months. Additionally, your dog may not be old enough to train properly, so a cheap collar won’t have a lot of impact on leash training.

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Types of Pitbull Collars

1. Specialty Collars

Martingale harnesses and collars are designed for behavior training and leash, and might not be the best choice depending on how old your puppy is. Harnesses and martingales are also created to provide control and specific support for dogs that can’t be accommodated by normal collar types.

2. Breakaway collars

Breakaway collars are created to be easily undone once potential choking hazard or obstruction like fences or branches is encountered. They have been designed in the same way as flat collars, and feature snap clip buckle and an adjustable length. If you have a Pitbull puppy that spends a greater time outdoors unsupervised, this is the type of collar to go for.

3. Flat dog collars

These types of Pitbull dog collars tend to be the most common and you can easily find them at any pet supply vendor or retailer. They will allow your puppy to adjust easily to wearing a collar because they have adjustable lengths. Also, they can be easily fitted using a snap buckle.

4. Top Pitbull Dog Collar Brands

If you own a Pitbull, you can’t just choose any collar type. For starters, Pitbulls are extra muscular meaning that they can snap up anything easily, especially if it’s in poor quality. Pitbulls also love chewing and will eat a poorly-made leash quickly. So, you need the best-in-class collars.

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Pitbull Collar Brands

1. BlackJacks Leather Pitbull Dog Collar

One of the advantages of leather collars is that they bring quality, strength, and a nice look. This brand is available in either black or mahogany, and it’s a thick collar with two-pronged buckle to provide extra security. These collars are available in a sheer amount of range. You can find just about any circumference for the neck size of your puppy. There are also different collar widths.

2. Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar

The Bestia Genuine Leather collar is thick and features metal studs in red, brown or white. It is available in three sizes where the largest measures 22.6-25.6 inches. It spots 100% genuine leather, excellent stitching, and soft padding. The key benefit of this brand is the quality of materials used. Every dog collar has obvious attention to detail that you can’t find in other models.

3. Bully’s Heavy Duty Nylon Pitbull Collar

This is not necessarily a leather collar but one that’s surely built to last. While there is no doubt that leather is nice, other options are just as better, especially if the right material is used. This Pitbull dog collar features heavy-duty nylon, and it is designed specifically for Pitbulls.

Some advantages of this brand include the presence of a two-pronged buckle that gives your dog added security while on a leash, and plenty of choices that range from red, bright orange to black.

4. Black Rhino Neoprene Padded Pitbull Collar

These padded collars come in a great variety of colors and shapes, allowing you to choose the best one for your dog. Even more importantly, neoprene padded collars are functional and are likely to please any Pitbull dog owner. Neoprene padding ensures adequate comfort for your little pup, so there won’t be any complaints from your dog.

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Average Pitbull Collar Pricing

Pitbull dog collars come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and types. In the same way, their prices can also differ a great deal. High-end brands will cost more than low-end ones. The best options cost up to $100 while cheap ones go for as low as $13. But with dog collars, the most expensive brands are not always the best option. Your pup will outgrow the collar in just a couple of months, so it doesn’t make much sense to splash so much in a collar only to toss it aside after two months. To get something that is comfortable and durable, just go for $30-$50 collars. This will suit you just fine.

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Questions & Answers

What Is The Best Dog Collar For Pitbull?

The best dog collar for a Pitbull puppy is one in which it feels the most comfortable and which doesn’t wear out after weeks of using. Remember, Pitbulls are very muscular dogs and can snap up a collar if it is of poor quality. They can also chew these collars and break away from their harness. The three most important things that matter most when you are shopping for a collar for your dog are quality construction, material of which it is made of, and size. That said, the following are top dog collar brands that you may want to look into:

• Bestia Studded Leather Collar

• BlackJacks Leather Pitbull Dog Collar

• Bully’s Heavy Duty Nylon Pitbull Collar

What Size Collar Does A Pitbull Need?

Want to buy a collar for your Pitbull puppy but aren’t sure about the right size? The neck size of Pitbull dogs is 14-18 inches. Therefore, any collar with these sizes will generally be a great fit for your dog. However, it is advisable that before you buy a collar for your dog, you first measure the neck size. Another alternative is to work in a pet shop with a picture of your dog. They may be able to help you choose the correct collar size.

What Is The Best Harness For A Pitbull?

Choosing a harness for your Pitbull isn’t the simplest of tasks. It takes a lot of trial-and-error to find what works for you. Generally, there are a few things you need to consider when shopping for a Pitbull harness, including safety and utility, comfort, budget, and style. That said, some top picks for a Pitbull harness include the following:

• Ruffwear Front Range for everyday walking

• Freedom no-pull Harness

• Kurgo Tru-fit

Do Dog Shock Collars Work?

Yes, they do work. Shock collars are an effective way of curbing several stubborn dog behaviors like unwanted aggression, excessive barking, and pet containment. However, the success of shock collars depends on the way they are administered and the trainer. You also need to understand that canines are generally associative learners. Many factors can affect whether the training is positive or negative.

Is A Collar Or Harness Better For A Pitbull?


Collars are best designed for dog walking. They are available in various sizes, styles, and options. Some are made in such a way that they become uncomfortable for the dog when it wants to pull away.

  • They work best for puppies that abhor harnesses and want comfort
  • They offer function and versatility. You can easily put your Pitbull on them and taking it off is equally easy.

  • Not ideal for training
  • A slight pulling increases the risk of neck injury


Harnesses are increasingly becoming more popular as Pitbull dog owners discover the various advantages they offer. They are perfect training tools for puppies that are being trained on a leash since they give walkers more control. They discourage pulling and also allow a walker to stop the puppy from jumping up on strangers without the worry of choking. What’s more, dogs on the harness are not as likely to be tangled up accidentally in the leash.

  • It is a great training tool for puppies
  • They offer better control over the dog as they discourage jumping and pulling
  • They keep distracted puppies focused
  • They are suitable for short-nosed dogs like Boston Terriers and Pitbull

  • It’s possible that your dog nay dislike a harness
  • Harnesses may not be completely effective.

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