Best Dog Strollers 2023

Let’s face it – we humans love our canine pets. They become like family and as such deserve the ultimate in care. From the food we feed them to grooming and dog-care products, we invest in our pets and the quality of life we can give them. Dogs give a lot to their owners as well from unconditional love and loyalty to the proven health benefits of lower blood pressure and anxiety-lowering effects for dog owners. As the pet industry has evolved over the years with no signs of slowing, the wealth of pet-care accessories and products on the market can be overwhelming for pet owners. When it comes to dog strollers, these reviews and recommendations can point you in the right direction.

Why Use a Pet Stroller?

Many of you might be wondering why people would even use pet strollers. There are several reasons including a pet who is older and might be suffering from arthritis or joint pain that is making it hard for them to enjoy walks. If a pet has had a recent surgery and is not mobile, using a pet stroller is an excellent way for them to still experience the pleasure of the outdoors while inspiring them to get better. Many dog owners use dog strollers as a crate on wheels so their pets can be easily transported, kept safe inside, and are protected from other animals or inclement weather. If owners want to go on long walks but worry about their pets tiring early, a dog stroller is an ideal choice as once the animal starts to lag behind, they can be easily put into the stroller while the owner continues on their walk.

1. HPZ Pet Rover Premium

The HPZ Pet Rover Premium is just that: premium. It provides canines and their owners with the ultimate ride experience. It is highly portable as it quickly folds and unfolds with the use of a one-hand mechanism in seconds. It folds up compactly for ease of storage and transport.

There is a high-quality anti-vibration system in place to ensure the smoothest of rides with front wheels that rotate 360-degrees and an effective rear-braking system.

This dog stroller is extremely versatile and strong enough to handle a wide variety of terrains. Its frame is extra thick and features a heavy-duty and light-weight frame. It features superior construction with the use of stainless steel tubes that stand up to impact energy and make it one of the most durable dog strollers on the market.

When it comes to using the stroller in different weather, the breathable mesh-top cover protects the passenger from the extremes with its high density, odourless, and UV-reflective material. The stroller material is resistant to fading and tearing and designed with durability and longevity in mind. The stroller comes with two removable washable pads that protect the seat from accidents and provide comfort for your pet; the high-density Oxford 1,600D polyester material provides comfort, stain resistance, and is machine washable.

The stroller is customizable as the internal compartment can be adjusted to suit a variety of pet sizes, and for those long strolls, there is ample under-bunk storage. Available in blue and coming complete with the extra storage, three accessory bags, and a bottle holder makes this the ideal dog stroller for traveling, walking, shopping, or simply transporting beloved pets.

2. Pet Gear Jogger Stroller

This jogger stroller from Pet Gear is the ultimate for those wanting to stay active with their pets in tow. The smooth-entry zipperless design makes for simple and fast entrances and exits without the worries of struggling with stuck or broken zippers. This is also a positive feature for injured or older pets who would have difficulty turning around and can enter and exit the stroller with ease from either side.

Available in green, this dog stroller features an elevated paw rest so smaller dogs can elevate themselves, and with a surround window, your pet can enjoy the view from all sides.

The 12″ quick-release air ride tires make it a cinch to keep fully inflated with air. A compact air pump comes with the stroller so it can easily be taken along for the ride in case of a tire emergency.

The stroller’s front wheel is fixed and swivels so it is ideal for jogging and walking. There is ample storage from the parent tray for water, wallets, phones, accessories, to the large under-carriage storage compartment as well.

3. Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

This Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite pet stroller also features the easy-lock zipperless entry for ease of putting your pet in and out of the stroller.

This dog stroller also features a panoramic-view window so your pet can enjoy the view with the comfort of a three-position canopy to easily block out sun, rain, snow, wind, or any other weather.

There are larger-than-average 6″ wheels for the easiest of strolls. The front shock absorbers make this an excellent stroller for pushing over a variety of terrains.

There is a parent tray with room for all important accessories, cup holders, and under-carriage storage for larger items. Available in boysenberry, this dog stroller will keep you and your pet cruising in comfort and style.

4. Pet Gear No-Zip Single/Multiple Pet Stroller

This no-zip single/multiple pet stroller by Pet Gear features a push-button entry without the need for zippers getting caught or breaking.

The dual-entry feature is very handy as pets can enter through the front or rear. This is also a huge benefit for older or injured pets that won’t have to turn around to exit the stroller.

The handle is customizable as its height can be adjusted for the comfort of the owner. The pet compartment is made from 600 Denier Nylon and is very spacious, ideal for larger or multiple pet passengers.

Although this pet stroller’s size makes it ideal for larger animals or more than one passenger, it is easily folded flat for ultimate portability and storage. There is also a peep hole for larger animals to poke their heads out of. After all, who doesn’t like to feel the breeze blowing through their hair, or fur?

Purchasing a Pet Gear product means you will enjoy that product for years to come as its durability and quality of craftsmanship have made them an industry leader. The removal interior liner makes it easy to keep clean and fresh for those beloved passengers.

5. Dogger Dog Stroller

This Dogger dog stroller features large 12″ air-filled tires for the smoothest of rides. The multi-purpose canopy has removable panels for airflow on those hot summer days and can provide protection from the elements when necessary.

The stroller’s frame is constructed from durable and strong aluminum. The handlebars are adjustable so the owner can push their pet in style and comfort.

This Canadian-made dog stroller from Dogger is available in lime green and is ideal for transporting smaller pets or multiple small dogs. With the handy storage bunk underneath, this lightweight portable stroller is a pleasure to wheel around.

6. BestPet Pet Stroller

This BestPet pet stroller uses original plastic, rather than recycled, so that it will be more resistant to cracks, have a smoother finish, and last longer. Nylon is used for all the joints as it is much more flexible that plastic.

The fiber zipper is known to be more durable than its plastic counterparts and is a much easier zipper to zip up and down.

Available in black, red, or blue, with a large storage compartment underneath and handy cup holders to hold accessories, this BestPet stroller is comfortable for both pets and their owners to push.

Open, the stroller measures 34″ long by 17.5″ wide and 39″ high; the folded size is 32″ long by 17″ wide and 11″ high. With a weight capacity of 30lb, this stroller is easily transported around.

Types of Dog Strollers and Selection Tips

When choosing what type of dog stroller is your best fit, consider your pet and how you plan to use it. If you are planning on using it over rough terrain, a stroller with larger air-filled tires or shock absorbers will ensure a smooth ride for your passenger and a stroller that is easy to manoeuvre for the owner.

For those planing on jogging with their pets in tow, strollers that feature a fixed front wheel that swivels are ideal.

If you are planning on going on longer strolls with your stroller, large storage compartments with storage for essential items is important.

The size of stroller is also an important consideration. For larger animals or transporting multiple dogs, larger strollers are necessary. Strollers that feature a head hole in the canopy for larger dogs to poke out of can also be handy.

If your dog stroller will be transporting an injured or older dog with mobility issues, a stroller with a pet compartment with dual entry is important so that the animal can enter and exit without having to turn around.

Depending on what type of climate the stroller will be used in, durable weather-resistant fabric is something to be considered. Pet compartment liners that are removable and washable are also important when it comes to keeping your dog stroller clean and fresh.

Dog Stroller Brands and Average Pricing

There are a number of dog stroller brands to choose from. Some of the best quality and most popular dog stroller brands include Pet Gear, BestPet, HPZ, Paws & Pals, and Vivo. The prices range from approximately $43 to $200. Strollers with suspension are more expensive as they are higher quality and easier to manoeuvre. Larger strollers that are constructed from sturdy steel frames and are capable of transporting larger or multiple pets also raise the price. Stores like Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, PetSmart, and America’s Pet Store are excellent choices of where to shop for your next, or first, dog stroller.

Dog owners love their pets like parents love their children. Providing them with a healthy and vibrant quality of life is the privilege of owners who wish to honour their pets. Not only do pets give their owners unconditional love, loyalty, and company, there are proven health benefits associated with people who own dogs.

Not only do they provide excellent motivation for going on walks and staying active, spending more time outdoors has also been proven to carry significant health and wellness benefits. When our animals face old age or injury, dog strollers are an ideal way to transport them around while owners can still benefit from the exercise, and the pets can enjoy the fresh air and being outdoors. Dog strollers are also an excellent option for owners that can out-walk their animals; once the dog starts to tire, they can be easily popped into the stroller, and the owner can continue on their stroll. Enjoy referring to these dog stroller reviews and recommendations to guide you on your purchase.

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