Top 10 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls 2020 Reviews

To have a healthy, happy pitbull, the right food is needed. It is difficult to find the right food that a pitbull actually enjoys. Some dogs are picky eaters, but there are enough options below that at least one should be able to work.

Dog food is available for purchase online or in stores. For most people, they are going to find the most affordable prices online. There is also a lot of variety for dogs that might have special needs available online, which gives it an advantage over traditional stores.

Chances are, a typical pitbull is not going to appreciate all 10 of the food options below. That’s totally fine and normal. Finding the right fit for each dog takes a little bit of time. Owners should spend the proper time giving their dog samples, seeing how they react and going from there.

Dogs can’t hide their true feelings towards food. They will either turn their nose up at it if they don’t like the taste, or they will have health issues. Seek a new food option if this becomes a consistent issue.

As long as one or two works for them below, they can live a healthy life for years to come. Here’s a complete break down of the best food products for pitbulls right now in 2020.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is a very trusted company and dog food, and they make a variety of products that have great reviews. This high protein, completely grain-free dry dog food is perfect for pit bulls who need the specific nutrients.

Available in chicken, duck or salmon, there are a variety of options to find just the right one for a dog to enjoy. It has a long shelf life, so buying in bulk is also an option available to individuals. It is a great food to start a pitbull out on, or to get a healthy dog back in shape.

  • Available in three different flavors
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 100% grain-free

  • Formula has been tweaked recently

Check it out: /bluebuffalowildernesshighproteindogfood

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2. Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog Food

Every person knows about Purina the brand. They are a major player in the dog food industry, and have been for several years. They have plenty of options available for those trying to take proper care of their dog.

This dry food is made up of extremely high-quality protein. Real beef is the first ingredient, and rice is an excellent form of carbohydrates. There is not too much rice in the formula, so pitbull owners don’t have to worry about their dog putting on weight.

With vitamins and fatty acids also added to the mix, dogs are left with a great coat and healthy skin. This can keep a pitbull looking its absolute best at all times.

  • Trusted brand
  • Only uses healthy carbohydrates
  • Leaves dogs with healthy skin and fur

  • A little pricey

Check it out: /purinaproplansavorshreddedblenddogfood

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3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Beef

Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Beef

Rachael Ray initially made her name in connection with human food. She has since created a business empire that spreads into pet food as well. As this article will show, she has done a great job providing affordable, nutritious options for pitbull owners in particular.

This is the first of three options that make this list. All beef is 100% US farm-raised, and is the number one ingredient in the formula. With dry food options ranging from 6 pounds to 40 pounds, it’s easy to get just the right amount depending on the number of dogs in the household.

Does your dog have any allergies or other health issues? The natural prebiotics in the food help with digestion. There is also no fillers or wheat gluten included, making it one of the easiest foods for dogs to consume.

  • 100% US farm-raised beef as the first ingredient
  • Natural prebiotics for healthy digestion
  • Various bag sizes available

  • Contains herbicide glysophate
  • The transition from other foods can take a couple of weeks

Check it out: /rachaelraynutrishrealbeef

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4. Crave Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food With Protein

Crave Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food With Protein

Since release, this offering from Crave is one of the most popular choices online. It is constantly making best of lists, and when everything is examined, it is easy to see why.

There are four different flavors available for this adult dog food. Beef, chicken, salmon and ocean fish, and lamb and venison all bring something different to the table. The meat in every bag is made of high-quality protein, and at least 34% of the makeup is meat.

The formula is 100% grain-free, which is great for any animals who don’t necessarily respond well to that type of carbohydrate. There are enough carbohydrates in the formula to boost energy levels for pitbulls of any age.

Crave standby including no artificial flavors or colors in their formulas. Not only that, but there are no artificial preservatives either. It’s a pretty straightforward formula, and it has worked for the company for quite a while.

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Great flavor variety
  • Perfect for dogs dealing with allergies or health issues

  • Some flavors are not popular with all dogs

Check it out: /cravegrainfreedogfoodwithprotein

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5. Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Some foods promise performance-based results for humans, so of course it makes sense for dogs as well. Looking to bulk up your pitbull or allow it to Ed some weight as it slams down? This is the perfect option to pick.

This meat-based formula has no corn, wheat or soy in it. It has a ton of calories, but they are healthy calories that allow the dog to build muscle instead of putting on fat.

Each cup is 535 calories, and it is made up of 30% protein and 20% fat. Most people avoid using this in the very beginning of a dog’s life, but it is safe for puppies and adults to use.

The best part about the food is that it simply works. It is scary at first to try something brand new with an animal, but the flavor is powerful enough to grab the attention early on.

  • Helps pitbulls reach their full athletic potential
  • Keeps weight off
  • Provides improved energy

  • Not all dogs will need it
  • Not something all dogs enjoy eating

Check it out: /bullymaxhighperformancedogfood

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6. Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct, also known as the Raw Brand, really believes in the power of raw ingredients. Real nutrition for dogs comes from food in its natural state. The dog food is minimally processed, and made right in the United States. Quality ingredients make it an option that stands out from the rest.

To get raw ingredients in many cases, it is just impossible to make dry food. That is why they use a very simple and effective way to freeze-dry raw ingredients. This preserves a lot of the nutrients, while also allowing food to be stored for a long time.

There are six different flavors to choose from with Instinct. Those looking for a bit of a unique taste for the dog to see if they like it can find something that stands out from the company.

  • Six total flavors to pick from
  • Unique freezing method to preserve nutrients and vitamins
  • Free of all grains

  • Some flavors are hard to find
  • Altered formula recently

Check it out: /instinctrawboostnaturaldrydogfood

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7. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

Some dogs prefer wet food. Pitbulls are no exception, so if dry food is not working, Nutrish from Rachael Ray is an option to consider.

This is an affordably priced food solution for those people wanting to try something new. The company offers a variety pack for those who are trying out wet food options for the first time as well. This way, an owner can determine the food their dog enjoys the most.

  • Variety pack available
  • Provides the same level of vitamins and nutrients as dry food
  • Convenient packaging

  • Small order sizes
  • Not all dogs will enjoy wet food

Check it out: /rachaelraynutrishnaturalwetdogfood

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8. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food – Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor

edigree Adult Dry Dog Food

Pedigree is another very trusted brand when it comes to making food for dogs for a long time. This is a pretty simple, straightforward food option for those who are shopping on a budget, but still want to give their dog a quality meal every day.

The steak and vegetable flavor is pretty standard quality. Pedigree is huge on avoiding added high fructose corn syrup and sugars. This is very problematic for dogs who are struggling with weight, and it only marginally improves the taste.

As far as value is concerned, this is one of the best bangs for your buck. They offer a full guarantee on their dog food options as well. If the dog does not end up liking it, first-time buyers can ask for a refund or exchange for another option from the company.

  • Very affordable
  • Keeps animals healthy with all the nutrients they need
  • Trusted brand

  • Designed for adult dogs only
  • Only one flavor

Check it out: /pedigreeadultdrydogfoodgrilledsteakflavor

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9. Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Open Range Recipe

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Open Range Recipe

This is the final option from Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. It’s a bit on the premium side, but the finest ingredients are used to make this food a viable option for pitbulls of any age.

The Peak recipes offer by Nutrish are the finest offered by the company. Dogs will get 30% high-quality protein with every serving, and absolutely no fillers whatsoever. The unique recipes are inspired by creations Rachael Ray has made in the kitchen for humans.

For a special treat, or if cheaper options just don’t work, consider this food option for your dog. It’s one of the top pitbull dog food options on Amazon for a reason, regardless of price.

  • Peak meat options
  • Recipes inspired by human recipes
  • Healthy for all ages

  • A little expensive
  • Flavors are too unique for some picky dogs

Check it out: /rachaelrayopenrangerecipe

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10. Merrick Backcountry Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Merrick Backcountry Grain Free Dry Dog Food

To round things out, this is the only option to make the list that is over $50. Even those who love their dog might find it a little expensive, but if their dog enjoys it, the investment is worth it.

What makes it expensive? For starters, if you need extra protein in each serving, this is the place to start. A whopping 38% of each serving is protein, nourishing dogs who need it like few other options on the market.

The premium, raw meats used also add to the price. They offer 8 total options for owners to consider, so there is at least a flavor or two that the dog enjoys.

Every flavor is 100% grain and gluten-free. Digestion issues are eliminated with this food for the dog. It’s a lot easier to help turn a dog’s life around if they are dealing with any type of health issue.

  • One of the highest amounts of protein per serving available
  • Premium meats
  • 8 different flavors

  • Expensive
  • Hard to find in stock

Check it out: /merrickbackcountrydrydogfood

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Pitbull Dog Food Selection Tips

Pitbull dog owners fully understand just how unique their breed is for the most part. To live a healthy, active lifestyle, the right nutrients are needed in the dog food. In particular, protein is essential for all pit bulls. It helps them create muscle, repair any damaged tissue and help out with bone growth at an early age.

Anywhere from 1000 to 1700 calories a day are needed for pitbulls. It depends on where they are in life. Those that are active adults can consume on the higher end. If the pitbull is older, lactating or extremely young, stay on the lower side.

Monitoring the pitbull as much as possible can provide feedback as well. If they are noticeably gaining weight, cut back on caloric intake.

Finally, it’s important to look for good fats in dog food for pitbulls. Healthy carbohydrates are going to help fuel them as well. Don’t feel tempted to feed them junk food just because they give sad puppy eyes. Foods that include brown rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal are always great options to look for when shopping.

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Types of Pitbull Dog Food

There is not a ton of variety in pitbull food options. Most of them are based on two or three different meat proteins. Chicken, beef, lamb, and fish are all used as meats for these dogs.

Any dog food that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables simply is not needed. While it is not terrible for them to consume, they can get nutrients and vitamins from other food sources.

if the dog has any allergies, it’s important to identify them early on. This will help to avoid further issues down the road. Help them develop a strong appetite towards a particular type of food and everything usually works out just fine.

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Top Pitbull Dog Food Brands

A lot of big names in the dog food world make great options for pit bulls. I am’s, Nutro, natural balance and wellness are all worth checking out. Companies are becoming very good at including every single ingredient that goes into dog food on the packaging. Benefits are also listed, allowing people to make sure they are selecting the right type of pitbull food.

It is important to keep in mind when shopping for different brands that not every dog food is labeled strictly for pitbulls. There is some definite crossover in diets, so examine everything. A brand might be initially glossed over as an option, but they provide a healthy solution.

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Average Pitbull Food Pricing

In general, pitbull dog food prices are a little bit more expensive than average. That mostly has to do with the size of pitbulls compared to other dogs in general. Expect to pay anywhere ranging from $150-$200 per year. It just depends on the type of brand, the size, and age of the dog and more.

It is not a huge expense, but with several premium options out there, it can get a little expensive at times. Look for deals that go on from time to time in stores, and online. Buying in bulk is always a great solution as well. Dog food has a relatively long shelf life, so one big bag can be used for a long time. Just make sure that it always completely sealed. Dogs can sniff out food spots and potentially tear open bags if they are in vulnerable positions.

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Questions & Answers

What do pit bulls eat?

Pitbulls, like a lot of dogs, absolutely love meat and protein. Any type of food that has a lot of meat in it is perfect to feed them consistently as long as they have an appetite for it.

Chicken, beef, fish and even lamb are all popular choices. To balance things out, a lot of food manufacturers will add some healthy fats and carbohydrates to the recipe. Pitbulls need energy, but they don’t need a huge amount of carbohydrates to stay active. Sweet potatoes are perhaps the most common carbohydrate added to food.

How much should my pitbull eat?

At its peak, pitbulls should have just under 2000 calories daily. This is only if they are fully grown and extremely active. If they eat more than that, they run the risk of putting on some weight in time.

Starting out, hold puppies to about 1000 calories per day if possible. It can gradually be built up, but always monitor their weight before a huge increase.

For mothers right after giving birth, they are not as active and therefore don’t need as many calories. Cut them back to around 1100 or 1200 calories per day so they do not add on too much weight while they recover. They bounce back fairly quickly, so eventually they will be able to eat on a normal schedule.

Finally, dogs who are getting up there in age should also eat around 1100 or 1200 calories per day. They aren’t getting the same amount of exercise, and their metabolism usually slows down as well. They are prone to eating more than they should. It is difficult at times to keep elderly pitbulls in good shape because of this reason. It is very important to refrain from feeding elderly pitbulls a lot of extra food here and there to avoid running into this issue at times.

What is the best dog food for pitbulls to gain weight?

When selecting pitbull dog food, look for options that have a higher percentage of carbohydrates if the dog is not gaining the right amount of weight. Maybe the dog is a little bit too active, and they are not getting enough calories in general. Carbohydrates are going to allow a dog to put on weight pretty quickly.

Eating more or adding a smaller meal is also a solution. Feel free to give the dog a little bit more food each time if just a subtle change is needed.

Finally, there is always the option of adding a few treats here and there to raise the caloric intake. These treats can serve as a reward for good behavior or performing a certain task.

What is the best dog food for pitbulls with skin allergies?

If a pitbull is struggling from any type of skin allergy, sensitive stomach or other issue, it is important to feed them food that does not complicate things. In most cases, keeping the ingredient list as simple as possible is the best solution.

Skin allergies are fairly common in the dog world, and pitbulls are susceptible as well. 100% natural food has the best chance of being completely safe for the dog. Always make sure to test things out by introducing new food gradually, because there is that outside chance that they are allergic to one of the ingredients.

Wellness simple natural limited ingredient diet dog food is a great option to consider for pitbulls fighting off allergies. If it works out well for them, they are going to act much more energetic and happy.

What food should I feed my pitbull puppy?

Pitbull puppies are already extremely energetic, so they do need a decent amount of calories so that they grow properly. Anything packed with protein is the best option to start with. They don’t need carbohydrates as much as older dogs, because they already have a lot of energy since they are puppies.

Teach them discipline early on by sticking with two meals per day. It is very tempting to feed them here and there with a scrap of food and snacks, but it can sometimes lead to bad habits. Not only that, but they are not as healthy as they slowly gain some weight. Pitbulls are very prone to overeating if they have the opportunity to chow down.

Gradually increase the caloric intake for the pitbull as they grow. There is no exact science, but staying below the 1700 to 1800 calorie range at all times will generally work out.

How much exercise should a pitbull get?

Pitbulls need roughly 45 minutes of vigorous exercise each day. They are a very active breed that is difficult to tire out early on in their lives. One walk a day is absolutely necessary, but most pitbulls benefit from two walks a day or something a little bit more strenuous.

Pitbulls love to play, so stay creative with new opportunities for them to enjoy. Having another dog in the house can also help burn off energy throughout the day. Some pitbulls are going to do better with additional dogs than others, but if introduced early on in life, they are mostly fine.

Pitbulls do have a reputation of being aggressive, but most owners know that train them properly is going to keep them tame. With that said, don’t go too crazy with exercise early on if they are still getting used to their surroundings. They could become aggressive out of instinct, especially if they feel like they are in a vulnerable position.

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