Best Dog Cooling Mats 2019

The summer season is fast approaching and owners of dogs are scrambling to find ways to ensure that their canine friends stay cool and comfortable. While collapsible water dishes and shaded areas for the special family member, we can provide them with additional comfort with the help of cooling mats. However, with the huge range of such mats available on online stores, owners of dogs often face a tough time deciding which one is appropriate for their furry pet. Find below details of five popular dog cooling mats with their costs as well as their advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide, which one is the best. Prices mentioned are approximate as they might differ from one store to the other.

1. The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

If you are searching for something unique, then look no further than this model, which boasts of pressure activated and self-cooling… a new technology. Unlike other such mats, you do not have to put it in the fridge or plug it in to a power outlet. This rechargeable mat requires no water, refrigeration, or electricity. It contains a rechargeable battery that takes just 15 to 20 minutes to recharge following which, it provides three hours of continuous use. It contains a weight sensor that turns on the cooling effect as soon as your pet lies down on it, and witches off the power when your pet moves away from the mat. This is a folding model, making it easy for you to store or transport it. This non-toxic mat contains a vinyl cover, making it easy to clean. The best part about this mat is that it does not require water to run, making it quite easy to use. Your canine friend will love sleeping comfortably on this mat during the heat of the day, especially after they are tired after playing with your family members. Dogs that trade comfort for coolness by sleeping on hard tile over the carpet, do not mind exchanging comfort for coolness, and love enjoying the best of both worlds will love this unique cordless product. However, ensure that you do not leave this mat lying on the floor when you are not around in case your do has a tendency to chew things in your home. It might not be as cold as mats just taken out of the freezer, but its temperature is perfect to provide comfort to your dog. Costs $19.99 to $67.99, depending on the size of the mat.

• Requires no water, refrigeration, or electricity for providing the cooling effect
• Recharges in 15 minutes and runs up to three hours on a single recharge
• Folds up, making it easy for storage and transportation
• Vinyl cover facilitates cleaning

• Some owners complain that the size of the mat shrank over time
• Not suitable for pets who are habitual chewers

2. Dogbed4less Premium Cooling Memory Foam Pet Mat

This cooling mat offers everything that a pet owner could possible ask for. Made of four inches hypoallergenic and high density memory foam, this mat boasts of a durable design and an inner waterproof lining, together with an external cover made of soft micro suede. It also contains a third cover made from 100% heavy duty cotton denim with a gusset stitching and strong zipper sandwiched between those two layers, allowing the mat to withstand wash after wash. This mat comes with a guarantee that it will not flatten over time, and will provide comfort to your dog for many years. This mat boasts of a foam, which is five time denser compared to foams provided in other mats, ensuring comfortable sleep and healthy joints for your furry friends. Available in seven different sizes, you can be sure that you will find one that is suitable for your pet. The bottom of the mat is made with top quality SBR rubber anti-slip material, which protects your floor in case of any accidental leak occurrence. The manufacturers have treated the mat with advance fresh antimicrobial to protect the mat against mildew and mold that can form in case of liquid spills. This item is washable, wrinkle resistant, and resistant to dirt and stains. Considering all of these benefits, you might expect this product to cost quite a lot. The reality is that it is pocket friendly with the smallest size selling for $59.95 and the biggest one for $115.95.

• 100% heavy duty cotton denim cover
• Waterproof and removable inner liner
• External cover made from soft micro suede
• Four inches high density memory foam
• Two year warranty

• Cover not as durable as expected and requires frequent washing

3. AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

Do not let the simplistic design of this offering from Amazon Basic fool you. The look as well as the style of this cot is outstanding, and it contains a high quality fabric to boot. The company has employed a green and breathable mesh, which permits dogs to lie down comfortable, and remain cool, thanks to the airflow from underneath the bed. The fabric is quite durable and easy to clean. However, despite all its positive factors, this bed is not for heavy dogs and will sag under their weight. This means that you need to be careful so that you pick the correct size for your furry friend. There are five sizes available, the extra small being 27.6″x21″ and the extra-large one being 60.1″x37.1″. There are three sizes in between: Small, Medium, and Large. All of these three have an elevation of seven inches. The breathable mesh fabric the beds are made from permits flow of air from underneath, keeping your canine friend cool. Technically, I shall not term this unit as a dog cooling mat, but it does provide comfort to your pet, and they will love resting on it during the summer season. The unit is easy to assemble and the kit ships with the tools required for assembling the unit. You can easily clean the mesh fabric of this bed with tap water. The smallest unit costs $20.99 and the largest one $32.99. The unit ships with a one year warranty and is available in two different colors: gray and green.

• Elevation protects the dog from cold and heat
• Mesh fabric offers a flexible area for your do to sleep in
• Metal frame provides sturdiness
• You can use it both outdoors or indoors
• Dogs will not be able to chew the fabric

• Requires assembling
• Mesh is not as comfortable as a cushion
• The unit is not portable
• Old dogs with mobility problems might face problems jumping on or off from it.

4. Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad

A write-up about dog cooling mats would be incomplete without mentioning the cooling pads manufactured by Arf Pets. Available in three different sizes, this folding pad requires minimal maintenance and works like any other cooling gel pads. Unlike most other mats of its category, this one does not lose its shape over time. This mat boasts of a durable and sturdy material and its cooling effect. This pad provides relief from high temperatures and heat for a minimum of three hours after which the unit recharges itself. The material used for manufacturing this pad is latex free and non-toxic in nature. This ensures that it is absolutely for the special and loved member of your family. The mat folds for easy storage and retains its shape. The manufacturers have employed a special gel that becomes cold by itself when the mat is no being used. This means that you do not have to use power or place the mat in the fridge to cool it. These positive factors apart, cleaning this unit is extremely easy. It is available in three different sizes, 23″x35″, 27″x43″, and 35″x55″. The prices of these three variants are $44.94, $59.99, and $69.99 respectively.


• Three hours of cooling on a single charge
• Folds and stores flat
• Made of non-toxic gel


• Has a slippery surface
• Extremely thin with minimal cushion
• Build is not rugged

5. Hugs Pet Products Chillz Pressure Activated Pet Cooling Gel Pad

The most widespread and popular dog cooling mats are based on pressure activated gel technology, and this offering from Huge Pet falls in this category. This unit does not require freezing or power to operate. The technology incorporated keeps the pouch cool by absorbing the body heat of your pet. The manufacturers claim that the gel this unit contains is safe and non toxic. However, there have been some adverse reports from consumers to the contrary. This is among the favorite bedding preferred by most users, as their pets slept peacefully on it during the summer heat. The unit is easy to fold up and can be used both outdoors as well as indoors. The pad allows air to cool its cooling when not in use. According to the manufacturer, the gel used is not toxic in nature and is safe for pets, kids, adults, as well as for the environment. This is a continuously recharging cooling mat with dog kennel use in mind. Its versatile design aims to prevent overheating and dehydration and overheating. This product is available in three different sizes and two colors. The average price of the large size is $33.25, $66.55 for medium size, and $49.99 for XL size. The prices clearly indicate that the medium size is the most popular. Apart from the traditional blue, it is also available in pink and green.

• Helps to cool down kenneled dogs
• Contains no latex
• Non toxic
• Recharges automatically
• Folds easily and canthus be used while traveling

• Gets hot when placed under direct sunlight
• Impossible to purchase online as the product vanishes within a couple of hours after it is available

Types of dog cooling mats

These mats come in different varieties such as:
• Classic or standard
• Mat or pad
• Bolster or couch type
• Nest bed
• Puff and donut beds
• Cave bed
• Cot bed
• Corner bed
• Cooling and heated beds

It is suggested that you check these various types of mats and choose one that best suits the needs of your pet.

Benefits of dog cooling mats

Some of the benefits of such mats includes:

• They are perfect for breeds that prefer cold weather and you live in an area that has a hot climate
• It provides your furry friends with relief from the heat during the summer season
• Dogs typically cool themselves with panting. However, these mats help regulate their temperature when panting does not help.
• It helps provide them with pain relief in case they are suffering from inflammatory joint conditions

Dog cooling mat brands

Some of the popular brands, apart from those mentioned above include:

• The Green Pet Shop
• American Kennel Club

Average price:

Considering the wide range of these mats, and keeping in mind the discounts offered by various dealers, it is difficult to estimate their average price. However, you should expect to shell out anything from $30 to $50 for a small or medium sized and good quality mat.

Stores and selection tips

The most popular stores are the retail online giants: Amazon and eBay. Selecting a model depends on the size of your dog, the longevity of the mat, and its portability too.

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